Feast of the Dead

Tis not the way man chooses to live a life that shows what lays beneath… but how he faces his death that shows us what he is truly made off.

Our deaths define the very lives we have lived


In the Southern Hemisphere, Samhain is almost upon us. The weather outside, is finally reflecting the turn of the Wheel. With darkening skies and multicoloured tree line streets… Ive been inspired to decorate the witches house and finally open my box of dark and delightful things. This week I will be treating myself to that which feeds my soul. There will be dark circles with sisters, catch up with honey bee to discuss all things astrology… drinks with the black magician, at naked for satan of course… mushroom foraging with my favourite Dutch girl… and crafting all manner of things with my circle sister Verity… it is the time I indulge myself in things which hold, honour and heal me… for my departed beloved are not too far…and this is how I best prepare for the bitter sweet journey ahead.

Samhain is a time when offerings of food can be left on altars and doorsteps for the wandering spirits. You may choose to light a single candle beside your window to guide the spirits of loved ones home. There origins of Jack O Lanterns no doubt. A dummy supper where you had a place for your beloved dead at the dinner table or near the hearth to honour and make them welcome. You would normally cook their favourite meal, making sure it was never consumed by the living instead surrendering it to the night. Apples were left along roadsides to provide for the spirits who had no loved ones to provide for them.

Death, Descent, Winter and Purity

As the god dances around the wheel it is his journey our mortal coil follows. As the Great Hunter dies, we too will one day face the Great Mother. Everything will be surrendered to her as we return to the belly of the earth…. At Mabon we began to journey to the underworld. The goddess in her loving grief opens the gateway between the worlds, the veil thins and we can communicate with our beloved dead.  At Samhain we now enter the Underworld and dance with the God of Death.  This is our opportunity to release all that no longer serves us.  To release that which holds us back.  Death is a series of release and surrender till ultimately all that is left is the spirit.   Seasonally as our qi descends deeper into our bodies, and eventually into the deepest organs and meridian pathways, we have the chance to let go of habits, people, even adopted belief systems that may have never belonged to us to begin with.

And as we approach Samhain and upcoming winter, this Sabbat is a reminder that Winter is potentially deeply restorative, a time of contemplation and meditation. Cleansing helps us prepare for this time, potentially preventing our energy from being misguided or misspent.

We are coming up to a unique seasonal opportunity, on both sides of the hemisphere. As the wheel is about to turn into winter/summer, we have three weeks of a unique energetic phase. This is the time for deep cleansing and for clearing. Now is the time to give yourself the opportunity to reset. Reset your body by fasting and preparing it for different seasonal foods. Reset your mind and your heart by asking yourself what old hurts and resentments you need to free yourself from. Emotionally, cleanse out the old baggage. Question the belief systems you have adopted that don’t belong to you. Ask yourself what really belongs to you and what you wish to let go off during the next couple of weeks? This cleansing helps the concious cultivation of purity in our lives.



In Shadow and Light


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