Maat Feather Meditation

Maat Feather Meditation


To lighten and align your heart chakra, try this exercise for seven days….

Lie down in a quiet and sacred space where you can remain undisturbed through this exercise. Place a white feather upon your heart, close your eyes, focusing on your breath. Relax your body, going deeper and deeper into relaxation until you reach a relaxed and meditative state.

Breath in and out slowly as you become one with the feather. Relax and let go of the stress and pressures of the world. Release all the tension in your body and especially your womb. As you go deeper into your relaxed and meditative state become aware of any pain you may be holding in your body. Now, release the pain your body holds, from this life, and your previous lives.

Allow your body to float, and drift and connect with the divine Spirit, creating unity with the sacred source.

Feel you becoming one with the feather. Move deeper and deeper into your quiet and safe space. Now bring your consciousness towards your heart. Feel the weight of your heart. Does it weigh heavy against the day? Are there words you spoke which are held here still? Feel the weight of it, its heaviness or lightness, which ever may be the case. Take as much time as you need to feel it completely. Own the weight within it. Then, as your breath out, release the weight with your breath. Let it go, breath in lightness and breath out heaviness. Take as much time as you need, until you feel your heart becoming lighter and lighter still. Think again about your feather, laying gently over your heart, its lightness and become one with it. Once you have become one with the feather, imagine your heart and feather moving towards one another until they become one, and your heart has the weight of the feather.

Feel peace and calm flow into you as your inner balance is restored and renewed.


In Shadow and Light


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