Journeying of a Hedge Wytch



My journey last year was one of deep changes and initiation. The challenges helped to shift and sort me in ways deep and knowing. Facing many fears and death allowed me to achieve an inner strength and calm… and with that came the warrior spirit.

Facing these challenges was a very different experience to the challenges I faced when I lost my father as a young woman of 17. Of course, in one instance, I was but a girl and in the other, a woman… and so I could be of great support.. already a mother, a wife and a practitioner I could give myself entirely to her… not needing anything from her… just giving was incredibly healing .. instead of needing the support a child would naturally require.

As every birth is different, every death is different. And here, the lessons were completely different. The loss of a parent at such a young age left me wounded, the loss of my mother helped heal those original wounds.

The two experiences were worlds apart… a full 28 years and a Saturn return apart, no less. But symbiotic and cyclical. A turn within my karmic wheel. The final turn being when I face my old friend, Death..

And so now I find myself in a position where what once may have been a fear or concern is now nothing but a waste of precious energy and time, leaving me either bored or amused… but not occupying much space before I put my efforts into what is truly worthwhile.



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