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A ritual for Hekate


On Saturday I caught the train down to Sandringham to attend the Sacred Fires ritual held by Tina from the Covenant of Hekate. It was a cool yet intermittently sunny winter’s afternoon, not raining (miraculous!) nor too windy – in fact a perfect day. The tide was high and there were many gulls – especially once they realised there was food on the altar – but few people outside or circle.

There were nearly twenty of us in the circle, I think; mostly women, a few men. We each spoke briefly about our connection with Hekate. The most common theme seemed to be that she has made herself known at the dark times in our lives, offering her light to illuminate and guide us when we have lost our way. For myself, it is comforting to know that she is there holding the lantern and pointing the way, even though I can see only a very short way along the path beneath my feet.

We called on the goddess with praise for the blessings that she has poured into our lives, and each lit a candle to represent her bright fire. We shared food and drink and offered libations to the ocean, which were hungrily investigated and snapped up by the seagulls floating on the high tide below the rocky altar. Many of us had brought items to be consecrated to Hekate – jewelery, tools, amulets – and Tina helped us to bless them with all four elements.

As a solitary practitioner I really appreciate the chance to attend a ritual of this sort, particularly because Hekate is a new goddess in my life and this helps me to understand some if her many different facets, and also because Tina always puts so much effort into creating a welcoming, beautiful circle. There was ceremony, there was laughter, there was reverence and a real sense of power. I came away feeling revitalized, inspired and connected – and what more can you ask of a religious ceremony, whatever your denomination?

Thank you Tina.

Bright blessings

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Journeying of a Hedge Wytch



My journey last year was one of deep changes and initiation. The challenges helped to shift and sort me in ways deep and knowing. Facing many fears and death allowed me to achieve an inner strength and calm… and with that came the warrior spirit.

Facing these challenges was a very different experience to the challenges I faced when I lost my father as a young woman of 17. Of course, in one instance, I was but a girl and in the other, a woman… and so I could be of great support.. already a mother, a wife and a practitioner I could give myself entirely to her… not needing anything from her… just giving was incredibly healing .. instead of needing the support a child would naturally require.

As every birth is different, every death is different. And here, the lessons were completely different. The loss of a parent at such a young age left me wounded, the loss of my mother helped heal those original wounds.

The two experiences were worlds apart… a full 28 years and a Saturn return apart, no less. But symbiotic and cyclical. A turn within my karmic wheel. The final turn being when I face my old friend, Death..

And so now I find myself in a position where what once may have been a fear or concern is now nothing but a waste of precious energy and time, leaving me either bored or amused… but not occupying much space before I put my efforts into what is truly worthwhile.



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Star People


We have some very significant astral events this year. Tonight is the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, May the 9th we have a solar eclipse in Taurus, May the 25th we have a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, Oct the 18th a lunar eclipse in Aries and and a solar eclipse in Scorpio Nov the 3rd.

So many ways to play with the fabric. Here’s a couple of thoughts on how I will be approaching tonight’s lunar eclipse, but also how to begin work on the up coming Scorpio and Taurus solar eclipses.

A lunar and solar eclipse in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to really see what lays within our emotional waters. One where our conciousness lights up the shadow, the other where the shadow steps into the light. A yin and yang of internal diagnostics so to speak.

Scorpio also gives us a strong personal defence against others and the shadows they wish to project upon us. Its strong armour shields us from such toxicity. Not forgetting the tail and sting that also protects us against such nasties. You can harness this protective aspect of this sign, shielding your internal watery feelings but also the strength it takes to protect yourself if you are cornered or provoked.

We can also pair up the lunar eclipse of Scorpio with the solar eclipse of Taurus. The polarity of these signs can be entrenched and unyielding. Issues here are often around resources and ownership, values and possessions, both personal and shared. These eclipses can be harnessed in changing outlook, perception, or overall thinking in these areas in your life, within and without.

There are so many ways you can weave the planetary energies to work upon yourself. Im certainly not an astrologer, just a dabbler who often picks the brain of a very close friend who happens to be an astrologer. Let me know your thoughts and any astrologers that can shed some light are most welcome.

In Shadow and Light


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