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Magickal Samhain makings

On Samhain Cath and I got together for some magickal crafting… We made three different ointments: Dark Goddess, with infused oils of hemlock & dittany and patchouli essential oil – so earthy and deep; Third Eye, with infused oil of mugwort and essential oils of basil and frankincense – rich and heady to open you up to the astral realm while keeping you protected and grounded; and Hedge Riders’, with infused oils of hemlock, dittany & mugwort perfect just on their own for helping you pass the boundaries of everyday existence. Don’t they look delicious?


Then there were the ritual soaps, made with coconut & olive oils and delicious scents – one for the Goddess (rosewood and lavender and patchouli in that one), one for the God (full of bright masculine citrus oils and oats), and one for general cleansing (with infused mugwort oil, sandalwood and rosemary essential oils).


We’re excited to be debuting these items at the market this Saturday. Any leftovers will go into the shop so keep an eye out!

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Things a-brewing


There’s exciting things steeping in jars at Cath’s house… Some very magickal herbs – dittany, mugwort, hemlock – waiting for us to decant them at Samhain. Ointments and ritual soap are some of the things we have planned for our infused oils. I can’t wait to get started.

I’m also very excited about the range of chakra balancing blends we are coming up with… We already have our basic range of gem tinctures in the shop of course – but I am so thrilled to be coming up with some more complex, healing mixtures that you can use for pathworking meditations, bathing and anointing yourself.

These will contain herbs chosen to nurture and balance the energy of each chakra, steeped in alcohol to create a tincture and then blended and bottled with the addition of essential oils and gem or flower essences. The first three or four have worked themselves out pretty clearly in my head, so now it’s just a matter of getting hold of the raw ingredients and setting them to infuse. In particular I’m already dreaming of how good the blend for the sacral chakra will smell and feel – sandalwood, gardenia, ylang ylang, rose geranium, how delicious!

I haven’t worked with chakras much in the past, I have to say, and it’s only recently that I’ve felt particularly drawn to focus on them, but I’m glad I’m working with them now! Yesterday – a particularly difficult, nasty day with me and my little boy rubbing each other totally up the wrong way, with much screaming and tears from both of us I’m sorry to say – in an attempt to ground and settle myself I took quite a few doses of hematite and carnelian (for the root and sacral chakra) essence and they worked amazingly well… I felt more grounded, more centred and calm, it was as if a huge ball of tension and blocked energy unravelled itself from inside me. Today, thankfully, has been much calmer all round.

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