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I went walking barefoot in the park today. Not something I do very often, but I felt inspired; it was a lovely autumn afternoon and not too cold or too wet, at least not in the sun.

More and more leaves have drifted down from the trees, some of them are completely bare now and the grass – which is green again thanks to rain and cooler temperatures – was thickly carpeted with the fallen. There haven’t seemed to be many acorns this year – or perhaps the birds just got them all early. I’ve got a couple to carry around with me for luck, though.

I visited some of my favourite birch trees and sat with them for a while. A gardener on a ride-on mower was roaring about in the background. It wasn’t windy. I love how the light gets old so early in the afternoon at this time of year; as if it’s thicker and richer from being poured into fewer hours of the day. The are still bits of leaves and dry grass stuck to my jumper from when I lay in the ground.

I’m off to harvest some holly tonight. The berries are perfectly ripe, so shiny and such an amazing scarlet.


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